• Ft. Pierce Municipal Complex
  • Ft. Pierce Municipal Complex
Ft. Pierce Municipal Complex

The Ft. Pierce Municipal Complex was planned to help revitalize Fort Pierce’s downtown area. The City viewed this project as a landmark structure, to be designed as a gateway to draw citizens into its urban core.

The selection of ADG as architects and master planners for this complex was based upon our extensive background in the design and planning of municipal facilities, illustrative of a design philosophy which stresses the importance of viable urban design solutions and the importance in the city fabric.

The City Hall Complex was constructed on a site located on U.S.1, bordered by two other streets and a railroad. The site contained the original City Hall building, built in 1905, which became part of the design for the City’s new municipal complex. The urban design features incorporated a city plaza area for citizen gatherings, an updated municipal image for the City, parking for the downtown core and an urban space for the use of Fort Pierce’s citizens.

All the City’s administrative functions are housed in the 45,000 square foot facility. The facility was designed so the public could access all departments from a central lobby, while more discreet staff activities can occur without interruption. The City Commission Chambers were designed as a symbol for the City’s citizens and the design allows for separate access from the rest of the building for evening City Council meetings.